Blue-9 Pet Products


Our goal is to provide products that make it easier for dog owners around the world to connect with their pets. Since 2014, Blue-9 Pet Products has been developing premium solution-based products to promote and strengthen the human-canine bond. Dog owners and professional dog trainers appreciate our award-winning products that help dogs succeed.

About Blue-9

Blue-9 Pet Products is an Iowa-based company that creates quality dog training accessories for canines and their owners. We strive to make life easier by developing great products for training and working with our beloved four-legged friends.

Our products are proudly Made in the USA. Blue-9 Pet Products began when the professional K9 training community revealed the need for a platform designed specifically for training dogs.

After developing and testing several prototypes and gathering extensive input from respected trainers, veterinarians and animal behaviorists, The KLIMB platform was released for sale in 2014. The following year, The KLIMB was named the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award by Pet Product News.

We continued to explore ways to improve the human-canine bond, and discovered a need for an adjustable harness that fits well, provides flexibility and ease of use and helps stop pulling. The result is the Balance Harness, a veterinarian-approved product that was top-rated by Whole Dog Journal in 2017.