About Us

Super Dog Products Australia is proudly owned and operated by Jason Dean and Tazzie Eggins

We have 2 Australian Cattle Dogs - Burger and Skater

We are both heavily involved in the dog world in Melbourne Victoria

We are both proudly members of Dogs Victoria, The Australian Cattle Dog Club of Victoria and the Frankston Dog Obedience Club.

You will quite often find Jason at Dog Shows either stewarding or showing dogs


Tazzie can usually be found at the Frankston Dog Obedience Club training to compete in Agility and Flyball

Skater has competed at many Flyball events and has obtained several titles. He now enjoys the lazy life in his older years but still has those moments where he still thinks his a spring chicken

Unfortunately in December 2021, we had to make the tough decision to put Skater to sleep as he was struggling with his old age and told us that it was time for him to go.

He will forever live on as the dog in our Super Dog Products logo.

RIP Skater

Fell free to come say hi to us if you see us out and about